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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> at 11:00, two people snatched money from a girl scout selling cookies. good evening, i meredith mcdonough >> i' m jim payne. adrian whitsett has details on how it happened. >> taking from a kid is one of the lower forms. reporter: volusia county investigators want to find this man after a scout had her cashbox stolen in front of a daytona walmart. >> it' s a scary thing to experience. reporter: deputies say the man took the cash after walking out
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they may be driving a hyundai santa fe. you can likely imagine the reaction as we told people this story. >> that is so heartbreaking to hear. they do good things for the community. it' s pretty terrible. it' s unfortunate. people are desperate to pick on a little girl scout. that is really heartbreaking. by phone, the girl' s mother says she is shaken up. >> i can' t say that i could picture someone stooping that low. i think we can all agree that as someone that deserves to be held accountable. if you recognize the man or
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great hyundai santa fe, they want you to call them so they can solve this case quickly. jim: a wildfire burns through several acres and comes close to some buildings. at one point, the fire even jumped a canal. matt lupoli walks us through the brush fire battle. matt: fire crews spent hours battling flames in the oak hill area. there is heavy smoke. the fire was fast-moving and apparently jumped a canal that took down about 10 acres. thankfully, crews worked to stop the blaze. four were threatened but not damage. it is not appear anyone was in them and no one was hurt during the firefight.
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a division will be monitoring for flareups. matt lupoli, wesh 2 news. meredith: a man is accused of pointing a gun at family and threatening to shoot them. >> a man tried to run as off the road and pointed a gun. my husband' s work to get away from him. meredith: they see 33-year-old michael sousa drove up and nearly caused an accident. he deliberately swerved at them. he is been accused of threatening to shoot them. police were able to track them down. right now, work on the ultimate i-4 project has began again. they will soon start seeing more crews throughout the week. the project was temporary
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. since then, project leaders have been performing safety reviews hoping to prevent another deadly accident. we spoke with traffic officials tonight and it will be back to normal. we have new information on a deadly shooting that happened at a publix later this month. it took place and that is where 21-year-old andrew jones was killed. his car has just been found covered in her feet -- graffiti. today, jones family spoke out about knowing who did this. >> let us have the peace of mind. he was a good kid loves by everybody -- loved by everybody. he was a good kid and we just want closure. jim:
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meredith: a woman stands before a judge today on fleeing from deputies and slamming into a 23-year-old single father who died at the scene area. syndia saintcyr is still awaiting trial. deputies say she took off from an attempted traffic stop at 100 miles an hour and slammed into a car. the car that she had was being driven by cody garrick who is finishing up his first shift as a pizza delivery driver. these innocent victims are just trying to get to work and his school. they are the victims of drivers who have should have never been behind the wheel. meredith: they are confident that red light cameras will jim: show valuable evidence. jim:police in daytona beach
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they were cleaning the back parking lot when they spotted a running vehicle parked near the river. two people inside were rest to the hospital where 25-year-old allison mcavoy was pronounced dead. the man is in critical condition and there is no sign of foul play. also in volusia county, another is charged with child neglect. they arrested ashley johnson after she was passed out in a home. police came to her home to for husband to collect his things. once inside, they found johnson as league -- asleep. meredith: a central florida trooper plays a major role in a south florida case. this is video of driver mike marcello'
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has been identified in amber alert for taraji kemp . stephanie augustin was a suspect and was taken into custody. the baby was found abandoned but orlando. the baby was written reunited with her mother. jim: a boy who was sexually assaulted by his basketball coach calls his mother to date her to rescue him. david white had several children spending the night february 14. the alleged victim refused to get off the phone. the report says he woke up with his pants down and david white sitting next to him. >> that' s shocking to me. he didn'
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jim: document show david white disappeared. he denies any wrongdoing. a man and his girlfriend returned from kentucky. gary bullock jr. and natasha quigley made their first appearance in court today. he allegedly cut off his ankle monitor on work release. investigators say she helped him and they fled with their three-year-old son. bond was set at $10,000, bond for her was tonight. meredith: early voting is now underway for the primary. most counties will be opening goal locations -- poll locations by the weekend. everyone can vote in city and
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on the eve of super tuesday, the votes of 13 states could change the course of the presidential campaign. more on commitment to thousand 16. reporter: donald trump will try to win voters over and west palm beach. speaking of trump, he has been doing damage control after failing to denounce white supremacist david duke over the weekend during a cnn you interview. cameras caught an altercation between a photographer and a secret service officer. attacks continue to come in. >> donald trump refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> donald trump as the nominee means hillary probably wins and we lose this country. >> we don' t need to make america great again.
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reporter: that is going to be tough to take down trump. he leads the field with 49%. we now know when spacex bowl launch its fourth attempt. it is set for 6:35 tomorrow night. the last attempt was scrubbed last night. spacex is blaming oxidant levels that rose to high. the rocket well carry a boeing satellite over asia. local leaders are expected to make an important announcement of the ucf downtown campus. they will speak tomorrow morning and this cool' s main campus. the school once to build the campus. ucf leaders will present their plans on wednesday. still ahead, it different people
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celebrate a milestone on weekday. meredith: the vocus batman is finally behind bars. -- bogus batman. >> eri andrewsn clients in court. meredith: and the vizard tsa in a woman. several of us will hit 80
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. jim: we have been telling you about a series of robberies committed by batman. the bogus superhero is behind bars. reporter: a man dressed as
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a $123 store back-to-back earlier this month. the caped crusader is even pointing a gun at employees demanding money. they believe seven armed robberies later, he had ditched the costume possibly because of all the attention he was getting. here is where they dropped the ball. >> we realized that the gun did not look real. reporter: the cell phone was. deputies used it to arrest juan nives morales. he was feeding a massive heroin addiction. last year alone, 100 and one people died of overdoses. >> they are willing to do anything to get it. they love drugs more than eating food or doing other basic life things.
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orange county leaders met fight the heroin epidemic. deaths this year. overdoses are down. heroin suppliers. there is still a long way to go. >> we' re resuscitating people who are going right back to it. they heroin task force may be able to take advantage of this area. oakley' s told us they were excited and relieved to know he was arrested. he is being held at the orange county jail without bond. tomorrow morning is when his
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jim: we just got this video of a wild chase in broward county. four people inside the vehicle jumped out and run into an apartment complex. moments later they get into an suv and then speed off. that is when two of the suspects decide to go run again. eventually they were surrendered. the other two suspects are still on the run. it was an emotional day for sports caster erin andrews. andrews broke down in tears at several points during her testimony. she' s is no one believed it. on the stand today, she told jurors that she suffers depression and anxiety attacks.
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embarrassing. my naked body was on the front page of the new york post. meredith: andrews is suing michael barrett, the man who shot the video. she is suing also the owner of the marriott for $75 million. jim: the olympics, the presidential election and leap day happen every four years. we are needing to good reason to celebrate. the first is dee balliet, whose birthday is today. they are excited on this special day. i am 21 and i have a birthday every four years. i have to multiply
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>> i have of healthy baby and matter what day. it is the best gift god can give us. jim: baby alexandria' s parents celebrate on march 1 because she was born afternoon today. the weather was beautiful. tomorrow is going to be even better. let me take you back outside. that is a gorgeous shot. very little wind. high pressure is building overhead. relatively light winds. i want to check in with 80. down towards groveland, it is quite a bit warmer. that is where we are from
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you are coming in at 59. then you get to the barrier islands. surrounded by water on both sides. keeping that temperature of the elevated. the morning compute is 58. best chance for fog will be north and west of i-4. here we are at 48. low 50' s in the palm coast. we are running a little bit about that. high pressure departs to the east. we get that southeasterly flow. it is going to be quiet. we will have the new time temperature for golfers. 80 by 5:00.
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are looking like this. additional 80. claremont coming in at 81. a little bit warmer talib -- towards the city. a little bit cooler right there on the water. daytona beach at 78. now we have two friends coming in this week. a relatively dry front. thursday, it is quiet again. southeasterly flow. here comes the second front of the week. not much more. it is a week front. it sets up for a great start to bike week which kicks off on friday. look at that, midday at 20%. coming in at about 74.
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matchup is looking fantastic. here' s the updated seven-day forecast. that is knocking our temperatures down. holding in the mid-70' s. meredith: here is something you don' t see everyday. take a look at these heels. a force a woman in baltimore to make a detour. the agents found her unusual shoes and had to remove them because you can' t have any replica of guns or ammunition pass security checkpoints. she was running late for her flight so she had behind. >> what was she thinking? meredith: the lineup for bay hill is taking shape. orlando city gets ready to rock the citrus bowl and raise the roof. pat: the lions will be the toughest ticket in town once the new digs are complete. this sunday season
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>> it is a big week for the city soccer lads. it will be a deafening climax come sunday afternoon when the lions begin their second mls season with a game against salt lake in the citrus bowl. team president phil rollins assigned a beam that will be bolted into place in their new 15 $5 million stadium. 46 tons of to build 53 space shuttles will this year' s opener is nearing sellout. of mine all -- a mild surprise even to fill.
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the game that we play . it is a big statement. in the meantime, adrian heath continues to wait antonio notary now who is still transporting paperwork before he crosses the pond. noca rino is expected sometime later this week. worry mcilroy has already committed. bubba watson will be there. it will justin rose and matt emery. phil mickelson may also commit. if he does not come, it will have nothing to do with this tournament and everything to do with his agile.
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the world match play follows bay hill and then the houston open before the masters. the chances of him competing and five consecutive events -- miami is on an absolute role -- r oll. louisville kansas has claimed the number one spot. the solar bears are unfortunately in the only game
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rt >> finally tonight, it bugatti says they are about to break their record for the fast car in the world. the french car maker revealed the to ron and it will be faster than previous models. jim: pretty sweet looking. it has been capped at 260 miles
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the price tack is starting at $2.6 million. >> is a come with the radio?
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